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Performing Burl at Toronto’s Arrayspace for Rat Drifting

Dave Riedstra (b. 1989, Ontario, Canada) works with mostly quiet sound in a variety of modalities including composition, sound art and installation, double bass performance, and code. Focusing variously on material, processes, experience, and transduction, Riedstra hopes to offer an immediate sensation of engagement with entangled environments, networks, assemblages, and milieux.

Riedstra’s recent work has increasingly incorporated software and electronic sound. Works like What’s at Hand (2020) and Revelling in Mists of Constellations of Pine Points and Waltzes (2020) leverage the potential of web-based code to interact with the particular acoustics of portable speakers. Pathside Box (2021) and Tocatta (2019) bring the body into a heightened sensitivity to its relation with space through the discovery of highly-localized and nearly inaudible sound. 802.11 (2016–2018) and AOSP Sensors (2018) bring human and machine sensitivities into conversation as data normally not sensible to the other is translated via sound in real-time. Riedstra’s ongoing collaboration with composer and sound artist Tina Pearson is an eco- and geo-mimetic web installation using 3D audio. Riedstra maintains these and other projects as open-source software.

Riedstra has co-founded several regional music operations including the KWG New Music Collective and the Victoria Composers Collective, and operated the sounds at the hive performance series at arc.hive artist run centre. He has made music and music-proximate sounds in various cities across Canada, including a cross-country tour of new works for contrabass in 2018, and has presented work in the UK and Czech Republic.

Riedstra is grateful to his various instructors over the years: Martin Iddon, Oliver Thurley, Martin Arnold, Christopher Butterfield, Dániel Péter Biró, James Harley, Cam McKittrick, and Joe Sorbara.