Hamilton Fringe Frost Bites 2019
St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Hamilton, Ontario

Apocryphal Productions:
Kris VanSoelen, direction
Geneviève Trottier, performance
Dave Riedstra, sound

A site-specific experimental theatre work for Hamilton Fringe Festival’s Frost Bites winter series of shorts. Toccata was a collaboration between myself, director-playwright Kris VanSoelen, and performer Geneviève Trottier. In addition to my usual interests, the quiet and spare sound was meant to draw attendees closer to sensations particular to place, proximity, and touch, while also mirroring the esoteric-feeling mystery surrounding Trottier’s character.

Sound was spatialized by emitting from transducers driven by six Raspberry Pis distributed throughout the venue (the sanctuary of St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church in Hamilton, Ontario). I performed these from a main station using a Korg NanoKontrol II wirelessly via a laptop. More details on the tech can be read on the repository.